Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to download and use your 2go

What is 2go?
 This question has been in the mouth  of every one around me.Indeed it is no longer a story now that more and more people are joining this social network called "2go". And as time passes thier will really be a tough competition between other social network and 2go chat.

First of all What is 2go?
  2go is a Java based application which allows you to chat to your friends for free on your mobile phone. It can also connect to other chat networks including Facebook and Google Talk.
The question now becomes why do people use prefer using 2go nowadays ?
 If you live in Nigeria you will definitely notice that three out of five people that use social network like facebook chat and Google Talk are using the 2go application to chat, and the question becomes why?. 
 There could be many answers but this particular one is certain. That 2go allows you to chat for free there by saving you money that you would normally use sms.
          Now to download 2go follow this steps:
  1. On your mobile phone, visit  
  2. Fill in the Information as required by the site
  3. Select your phone model and download 2go to your phone
 (Note the application will either be downloaded to your 'Games' or 'Application' Depending on your settings)
       How to initialize 2go on your phone
        After downloading 2go check your phone's 'Games' or 'Application' Folder and Launch your 2go. Follow the instruction as the phone may direct you. Then wait for it to initialize for the first time.
        How much am i charged for using 2go?
        2go does not charge you to message your friends. But your Network provider will charge you a small fee for 2go to work.
          For more information leave your comment.


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